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Dispatcher/Updater полный рабочий день

10 ноя 2023   Транспорт, логистика, склад   Душанбе   291 просмотров
Подробности вакансии

We are a trucking dispatch company currently in search of dispatchers and updaters to join our team.

Whether you have prior experience or are new to this field, we encourage you to consider this opportunity. Our operations are exclusively within the United States, so working hours align with US time zones.

Our workflow relies on various platforms such as Amazon Relay, DAT, Coyote, and more.

Requirements for candidates with experience:

Strong analytical skills to swiftly resolve issues.

Proficiency in both English and Russian languages is essential.

Effective communication and ethical conduct.

Competence in phone and computer usage.

Willingness to work and adapt to training.

Team player with the ability to handle stress.

If you lack prior experience but are intrigued by this industry, we offer a comprehensive two-week internship program. During this period, we will provide extensive training to equip you with the necessary skills. By the end of the internship, youll have a clear understanding of whether this profession suits you.

To apply, please send your CV.

Thank you for considering joining our team. We look forward to hearing from you.Address: Dushanbe Mall.

Описание компании
We are a trucking dispatch company.
Workflow relies on Amazon Relay, DAT, Coyote, and more.