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Marketing Analyst (Revenue Growth Management) полный рабочий день

17 янв 2023   Маркетинг, реклама, дизайн   Душанбе   526 просмотров
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Our purpose at CCI is to create valuefor our customers, our consumers and our community. Having a vision to becomethe best FMCG company, we put people at the heart of everything we do. We areable to deliver owing to our people who come together as One Team from 11diverse countries in our region with a commitment to living by our sharedvalues of passion, integrity, accountability and teamwork. Our ambition is tobecome a great place to work, which is inclusive, diverse and inspiring withits key organizational and leadership capabilities.

About This Opportunity

What You Can Expect from The Role:

1. To develop measures for theproduction of products (goods) and the provision of services that find thegreatest demand and market;

2. To study the market of similar goodsand services (analysis of demand and consumption, their motivations andfluctuations, competitors' activities) and trends in its development;

3. Predict the volume of sales andgenerate consumer demand for products, identify the most effective salesmarkets, as well as requirements for the quality characteristics of products(method of production, service life, rules of use, packaging);

4. Analyze the competitive environment takinginto account changes in the tax, price and customs policy of the state, thevolume of turnover, profit from sales, competitiveness, speed of sales, factorsaffecting sales;

5. Introduce control over sales, compareplanned data with the results obtained by volume, revenue, time of sale(provision of services) and the territory of their distribution, identifydeviations and changes in market conditions;

6. To improve the information support ofmarket research;

7. Develop demand generation and salespromotion programs, recommendations on market selection in accordance withavailable resources;

What You Bring:

1.Bachelors degree

2. 2+ years of experience in marketinganalytics or finance analytics sphere

3. Intermediate and above level ofEnglish

4. Confident user skills of Excel

Who We Are

CCI is a multinational beverage companywhich operates in Turkey, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan,Jordan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Syria. As one of the keybottlers of the Coca-Cola system, CCI produces, distributes and sells sparklingand still beverages of The Coca-Cola Company. CCI employs close to 10.000people and has a total of 29 plants in 11countries, offering a wide range ofbeverages to a consumer base of 430 million people. CCI's shares are traded onthe Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST) under the symbol "CCOLA.IS and Eurobondis traded in the Irish Stock Exchange, under the symbol "CCOLAT".

Interested candidates can send their CVto cv@cci.com.tj or apply via link https://careerscci.com/job-invite/35271/

Описание компании
Coca-Cola Icecek Таджикистан, компания созданная в 2015 году, производит, распространяет и продает газированные и негазированные напитки компании The Coca-Cola в Таджикистане.
CCI Таджикистан обслуживает 9-миллионную потребительскую базу с 1 заводом и более чем 120 сотрудниками в Таджикистане.
В ее продуктовый портфель входят:
Bonaqua, Burn, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola zero, Fanta, Fuse Tea, Piko и Sprite.