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Supply Chain Associate (Storekeeper) полный рабочий день

30 ноя 2022   Транспорт, логистика, склад   Душанбе   804 просмотров
Подробности вакансии


Effective warehouse management: finished products and materials, advertising and commercial equipment, spare parts, pallets and other materials.

Main Responsibilities:

Manage the work of the warehouse for the receipt, storage and release of finished products, for their placement, taking into account the most rational use of storage space, facilitating and accelerating the search for the necessary goods;

Organize work on the assembly, packaging and preparation of products for shipment;

Ship products in accordance with the appropriately executed documents (invoices, waybills, etc.);

Organize loading and unloading operations in the warehouse in compliance with the rules of labor protection, safety, industrial sanitation and fire protection, collection, storage and timely return of loading details to suppliers;

Keep records of warehouse operations;

Ensure the implementation of the rules for registration and delivery of income and expenditure documents;

Compile established reporting;

Monitor the availability and serviceability of fire fighting equipment, the condition of the premises, equipment and inventory in the warehouse and ensure their timely repair;

Participate in conducting stock count;


Higher in Economy, Accounting, Finance, Management or technical vocational


Work experience: not less than 2 years.

Knowledge and skills:

1. Rules and norms of labor protection, safety measures, industrial sanitation, fire protection and environmental protection.

2. Ability to work in a team.

3. Ability to make decisions independently.

4. Responsibility and punctuality.

Languages: Russian, English (Intermediate & above).

Computer skills: Advanced user of PC.

Please send your CV to cv@cci.com.tj or hr@cci.com.tj.

Описание компании
Coca-Cola Icecek Таджикистан, компания созданная в 2015 году, производит, распространяет и продает газированные и негазированные напитки компании The Coca-Cola в Таджикистане.
CCI Таджикистан обслуживает 9-миллионную потребительскую базу с 1 заводом и более чем 120 сотрудниками в Таджикистане.
В ее продуктовый портфель входят:
Bonaqua, Burn, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola zero, Fanta, Fuse Tea, Piko и Sprite.